Table of Contents

  1. Responsible Research Conduct
    1. Research Misconduct
    2. Research Integrity
    3. RCUK Policy and Guidelines on Governance of Good Research Conduct February 2013
    4. Responsibilities
    5. Unacceptable Research Conduct
    6. Breach of duty of care:
  2. Authorship (notes from ESRC Research Methods material)
    1. Agreeing a publication strategy
    2. Extract from Real Life Methods publications strategy:
    3. Agreeing a publication strategy
    4. The COPE Report 2003 (Committee on Publication Ethics)
    5. 32
    6. How to Handle Authorship Disputes: A Guide for New Researchers
    7. How to reduce the incidence of authorship problems
    8. (a) Encourage a culture of ethical authorship
    9. (b) Start discussing authorship when you plan your research
    10. (c) Decide authorship before you start each article
    11. How to handle authorship disputes when they occur
    12. (a) Disputes
    13. (b) Misconduct
    14. What you can do if authorship issues are not resolved
    15. Key concepts in authorship
    16. Acknowledgements:
    17. Appeals:
    18. Contributorship:
    19. Corresponding author:
    20. First and last authors:
    21. Ghost authors:
    22. Gift authors:
    23. Group authorship:
    24. Guarantor:
    25. Instructions to authors:
    26. Number of authors:
    27. Order of authors:
    28. References and further reading
  3. Copyright and Intellectual Property
    1. Spotting Problems in the Thesis
    2. What is copyright?
    3. Rights of Authors
    4. Fair Use
    5. Is the work copyrightable?
    6. Subject Matter of Copyright
    7. Is the work protected by copyright?
    8. Duration of copyright
    9. Is your proposed use "fair use"?
    10. Purpose of the use
    11. Nature of the work used
    12. Amount of the use
    13. Effect on the potential market for the value of the original
    14. Practical Guidance
    15. Poetry, dialogue from a play, screenplay, broadcast or novel.
    16. Music:
    17. Graphic or pictorial works:
    18. Sources located on the Internet:
    19. Balancing privacy with public benefit
    20. Hargreaves' Review: Intellectual Property: A Digital Opportunity
    21. In summary...
    22. Recommendations
    23. Copyright licensing
    24. Orphan Works
    25. Limits to Copyright
    26. Patent thickets and other obstructions to innovation
    27. Future proofing
    28. Enforcement